Happy Valentine’s Day!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Without offending cupid, we also want to remind everyone that they should give their teeth a Valentine’s Day gift this year by protecting against the damage that can result from indulging in all the sugary treats that cupid has to offer.

While those classic Valentine’s Day heart candies are sweet to the palette and the heart, they are not as kind to your teeth. The sugar in these candies feed the bacteria in your mouth, which causes cavities.

If you cannot resist these sugary temptations, then Dr. Ray and Dr. Shari recommend that you brush your teeth shortly afterwards. Limiting the time that sugar remains in contact with teeth can help mitigate the undesirable effects discussed above.

On behalf of everyone at Solomon Pediatric Dental, we hope to see you and your child soon at our Glendale pediatric dentist office.

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