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Hospital pediatric dentistry is done at either:


You will be given a form to be filled out by your child’s primary care physician regarding your child’s health. The form must be completed and provided to our Glendale pediatric dentist office in order for us to schedule a hospital dentistry appointment.

Pre-Operation Instructions:

No eating or drinking after midnight before the procedure. While your child can usually take a morning medication with a sip of water, you must first discuss any such morning medication with the doctor.

Post-Operation Instructions:

Please understand that your child may be dizzy.

For the rest of the day after the procedure, your child must be under strict supervision, even when the child is in the bathroom. Your child should refrain from any activity that involves physical exercise. In addition, your child should not eat or drink any milk, orange juice, or spicy food. Anything else can be eaten or drank in moderation.

For at least 5 hours after he or she leaves the hospital, your child should not breast feed.

For at least 3 hours after he or she leaves the hospital, your child should not have any Tylenol, Aspirin, or other pain medicine.

Please note that sometimes children may get sick from general anesthesia, but it is very rare. Usually, adults get sick from anesthesia, not children. If your child vomits more than four times within 24 hours post-op or develops a fever post-op, then please call our Glendale pediatric dentist office right away to speak with the doctor.

Regarding the day after the day on which the procedure is performed, we are mindful that you know your child best. Accordingly, if you feel your child is back to normal, then he or she may resume regular activities and eat a regular diet.

If you have any other questions or concerns, then please feel free to call our Glendale pediatric dentist office.

In the Operating Room:

Treatment will be completed while your child is under general anesthesia. Your child’s preliminary treatment plan will be discussed prior to the operation, and any additional questions you may have will be answered before the child leaves the pre-operation area.

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